Poppies / Herbaceous Border

I am not a gardener but my parents are. I do love the swathes of flowers in their traditional cottage garden and this is my homage to that. The poppies remind me of my drive to work in Fife when my children were small. Every verge seemed to be full of them.

Available as dishes,curves, hangers and mounted panels and in 4 different colour ways.

Price List:

  • Curves: Small  £20.00 / Medium  £31.00
  • Dish: 8.5cm  £12.00 / 11cm  £15.50 / 16cm  £24.00 / 30cm  £60.00
  • Waves: Short  £29.00 / Long  £39.00 /
  • Hangers: Small 8cm  £12.00 / Medium 11cm  £15.50
  • Mounted Panels: Small  £24.00 / Medium  £29.00 / Large  £36.00 / X Large  £60.00


  • Bright
  • Pinks
  • Blues
  • Poppies

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